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We offer FREE Classes with every telescope purchased through our store.


Twice a month we hold a FREE group class for our customers who have purchased their telescopes from our store (online sales are not eligible).  We have chosen a small and attractive park in the Garland area where our customers can set up their scopes close to their cars. 


We emphasize basic operation of the scopes and how to find things in the night sky.  


We also do a thorough test of each telescope’s performance, including alignment of the optics. 

Since the classes are limited in size we are able to give personalized instruction on a one-on-one basis so we can focus on the needs of the customer.



Customers may attend as many of the classes as they wish. The whole family and friends may attend!


We provide many additional accessories during the session such as optional eyepieces, filters and star charts. These are made available for use during the class as well as for your evaluation.


We also offer, for a fee, special private instructions on a one-on-one basis for those customers who have purchased telescopes from our website or elsewhere.